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Commercial loans

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Also known as commercial finance, a commercial loan is an amount lent to you from a bank or financial institution, that is used to help you manage cash flow and buy property or other business assets that will help you profit commercially.

We can facilitate finance unsecured or with security. Security often comes in the form of your business or personal property and is ideal for larger upfront and short term costs.

A commercial loan can be used to buy or lease:

  • inventory
  • equipment
  • property/premises
  • payroll/staffing costs

With over twenty years of experience in commercial loans, the Truevest Finance team can assist customers and clients with any scope of commercial loans, no matter what size or industry.

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With access to a wide range of lenders and collaborating with Australia’s biggest and credible names, we can find the right match for you.

The advantage of using a broker such as Truevest Finance means that you can get a competitive interest rate and we will do all the work for you!